All the hype aside, Apple products are cool. Those sleek electronics with even sleeker features have suddenly become an indication of those who are with it and *sigh* those who are just not.



But would you use your Apple computer to run your business? Though the majority of small business owners tend to shy away from All Things Apple within the office, that could soon be changing. According to a recent report in the Wall Street Journal, Apple Inc, the consumer electronics mega company behind the iPhone and iPad has begun to target the small business market.

According to Apple employees, the new plan calls for a more targeted approach to small business customers within Apple’s retail stores. This means more in-store technical support and “hand-holding” tactics directed at small business accounts.

Apple’s first move in this direction: the company has already begun hiring dedicated store-based engineers and salespeople. Additionally, some of its newer retail stores contain conference rooms where sales staff can meet with business owners.

Traditionally, the small business market has been dominated by the likes of Hewlett-Packard and Dell. Now, Apple seems to be eyeing a portion of the small business market, and that move could prove lucrative. Small businesses spend $310.8 billion annually on information technology.

How successful the company will be is as of yet unclear. It may be difficult to win over all those users who have gotten used to the Windows status quo- even if it isn’t the best of products. But with some marketing savvy, awash with contagious hype that only Apple can do, the company may actually break into the small business market. Then, not only will Apple products be cool; they’ll be effective business tools.

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