While the US economy is struggling to attain its equilibrium, home business owners are being offered a boon to help them upgrade or expand their home based offices through the Energy Star Rebate Program.


The Cash for Appliances Rebate Program, also referred to as the Energy Star Rebate Program, is a $300 million US government stimulus plan aimed at encouraging Americans to increase energy efficiency in their homes. The program offers rebates to US consumers who acquire certain Energy Star appliances for their homes and submit the required paperwork.

Since government appliance rebates are independent of federal and state Energy Star tax credit incentives on the same purchase, home business owners can take full advantage of the program by making any necessary qualifying equipment purchases.

Home based business owners should also keep in mind that energy companies sometimes offer incentives for these purchases as well.

In terms of the Energy Star rebates, they typically vary from appliance to appliance and from one part of the country to the next, but most are within the $50-$200 range. The largest rebates are given for heat and air systems and can come to as much as $1,300 in some states, which is particularly good news for the home business owner.

If you are operating a home business, there are several ways that you can profit from the Energy Star program. Making your home more energy efficient with Energy Star can help to reduce high energy bills and earn you tax credits as well. The tax credit for energy efficiency in your home is 30% of costs up to $1500.

Some of the home products/systems that qualify for tax credits are biomass stoves, heating and ventilating, air conditioning, certain hot water boilers and a range of appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines and more. When it comes to the Cash for Appliances Rebate, please note that you may need to trade in an old appliance to be eligible.

With the Energy Star rebate program as well as the tax incentives offered on qualifying Energy Star equipment, home business owners have a chance to contribute to a better environment and save some money at the same time.

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