According to statistics from the US Census Bureau approximately half of all US businesses are home-based, and as the ranks of the unemployed continue to swell, this percentage will only get higher.

So if the thought of working in your pajamas or “commuting” to your kitchen table sounds appealing then you might want to consider some of these profitable home-based business occupations:

1. Virtual Assistants: As businesses clamor to cut costs, it is often cheaper and easier for them to outsource some or all of their administrative duties. You can start your search for job opportunities on craigslist or

2. Consultants/Advisers/ Coaches: This is a big category that includes everything from small business consultants, fashion consultants, financial advisers, and even life coaches. This kind of self-employed business opportunity is typically for those who are trained or experienced in a professional area

3. Brokers: Being a “middleman” can turn into a lucrative business. Two of the best performing occupations to date include insurance brokers,as well as those who specialize in the sales of securities

4. Writers: Freelance writers and editors require very little initial overhead. In the race to increase their content pool, many sites pay per article published or edited and/or give writers a share in ad revenue. There are also several sites where freelance writers can connect with potential clients and “bid” on the chance to complete a particular project. .

5. Designers: Those who are trained in any kind of designing, such as interior, industrial, or graphic design, can promote their skills as an independent contractor.

6. Product Repair and Maintenance: This self-employment opportunity is generally recession-proof. Things will always break down and need to be fixed- in good times and bad. The most lucrative areas include: electronic or precision equipment repair and home care.

7. Event Planner: If you love to organize and plan, then you could help others coordinate their weddings, fund raising benefits, or parties.

8. Network marketing/MLM: These ubiquitous marketing schemes do have the potential to legitimately make you money (with some hard work), but there are a lot of scams out there. You should do your research before signing on to any such programs. Here’s a good article on the topic

9. Medical and Legal Transcription/ Medical Claims Billing: If you have any experience with transcription and access to the needed equipment, you can work from home for a variety of companies. There are several transcription training courses available online. Click here for more information.

10. Caterers and Personal Chefs: If you have a flare and a passion for cooking you could start your own catering or personal chef business. Where possible, try to target a specific niche. Keep in mind that caterers must secure a food establishment license and must meet any state and federal health requirements.

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