Will Obama’s Inauguration Set the Tone for Small Businesses?

All the pomp and circumstance surrounding the inauguration of Barack Obama as U.S. President underscores a new flurry of business activity that shines like a small ray of hope in our dismal economy.

The San Francisco Chronicle recently reported that numerous entrepreneurs and small business have rushed to capitalize on Obama’s rise to the presidency. Just think about it. There are many angles to promote here. There is the historical significance of a electing the first black president, the fresh promise of change in an economy that has gone stagnant, and you can add to this the fact that Obama is young, photogenic, and charasmatic- all of which no doubt greatly add to his marketability.

But the surge in business goes beyond Obamamania. Several green businesses have already benefited from the environmentally conscious inaugural preparations, and the alternative-energy industry has also experienced a recent boost in investment and sales.

Whether this activity signals a prolonged boost for many small businesses still remains to be seen, especially since many small business owners are wary about Obama’s economic stimulus plan.

But for now at least we can hope…

What do you think?

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