Earlier this month, Google officially opened the doors on a Helpouts page specifically for Small Businesses. Though Google launched the service in November 2013, it is still a relatively unknown platform, and that means there’s a lot of opportunity. The possibilities that this new service offers for small businesses owners is something that shouldn’t be ignored. Those small businesses that get in there now, stand the best chance maximizing the benefits when the platform becomes more popular later on.

HelpoutsHelpouts are private, face-to-face video sessions with professionals and experts in a variety of fields and topics, such as WordPress, YouTube strategies, website reviews, computer repair advice, QuickBooks and bookkeeping . The platform works much the same way as joining a video conference using Google Hangouts. Google allows users to get in touch with these experts to ask them questions and get guidance. Some Helpouts are free; others you have to pay for and at the moment, rates vary significantly between one expert and another. Helpouts are integrated with Google Checkout, so users can simply tap into their Google Wallet account in order to purchase a live video session.

While the benefits to users are pretty self-explanatory, those who are experts in a given area now have a further means to establish their credibility and monetize their knowledge. Moreover, all of this also helps them to build up their brand.

Why Now is the Time to Get Involved with Google Helpouts

As I mentioned above, Helpouts is still in the beginning stages, and it has yet to create real momentum, and that fact opens the door for professionals looking to capitalize on the potential exposure and income stream. The earlier you join and start offering Helpouts, the more exposure and clients you will likely receive even if you do it for free right now. Not only will you be able teach on certain topics before anyone else, but once you start receiving customer reviews, you’ll rank higher than those who enter the game later.

There are other reasons to jump on the bandwagon as soon as possible. For example, you’ll have instant global reach without the need for a website or a ton of online promotion. You’ll also have the flexibility to schedule Helpouts during the most suitable and convenient times. Finally, the platform itself is extremely easy to use and feature-rich. For example, you can share information with viewers from Google Drive, there is also screen sharing, screen control access, remote computer access, and you can even opt to have a recording of the Helpout stored in the participant’s Google Drive account.

If you want to get started offering a Helpout of your own, you’ll will have to request an invitation. You can do that here.

In the meantime, you should take a look at what is already being offered in your area of expertise and take notes on what seems to be working, and what isn’t. Look for ways to position yourself and your services as different from the rest. And, put some real thought into what you can offer.

Currently, Google Helpouts is for business-to-consumer services only. But, according to Google, there are plans to add business-to-business Helpouts in the future. So, Helpouts is something small businesses owners should definitely keep their eyes on. Even if the platform has yet to take off, the potential to help small businesses in the future is huge.