What we say is often less important than the words we use to express what we want to communicate. Saying the wrong thing is easy – we’ve all been there – but how do we say the right thing? Are there words with universal appeal that will help you grow your business? Yes! These are affectionately referred to as weasel words.


According to Psychology Today, “Words cannot change reality, but they can change how people perceive reality”. Every astute business owner knows that perception is everything and can make or break a sale. Weasel words are designed to give the appearance of truth without boasting or claiming something you might later cause a lawsuit. They are common in advertising and marketing, where the goal is to attract people (without asking them to think too deeply). A great example is, “leaves dishes virtually spotless.” They don’t promise it will leave your dishes spotless but you are left with the perception that they will be. So what are the words that will convince a customer to put down their hard-earned cash for our service or product?


The number one word of all = YOU

Yes, it really is all about you (meaning them – your customers). By personalizing your content with the word, you are creating a relationship with your customer. There is then a certain aura of trust a client gives when they believe that you have their individual interest at heart.


Get Excited

You’re introducing/announcing your breakthrough/surprising product and the client is welcome to take advantage of this unique opportunity. It’s recommended by experts and astounding! Not only that, but for a limited time your customer can get this special offer exclusively from your business.


Timing is Everything

Discover an amazing opportunity for a new product or service now. Ordering is fast and easy. It’s urgent your clients take advantage and act now before this opportunity passes by.


Reassure & Care

You can use these easy words, that are proven and guaranteed to give your clients the reassurance they need. It’s simple. Show them you care about their family, children and health. Studies show/indicate/reveal…


It’s All About Saving

Make sure your customers know they will save with the reduced prices, bonus and discounts you offer. You want to help them save their money and offer free samples and gifts for repeat customers. Up to 50%…more than 50%…


Now that you’re armed with a basic weasel word vocabulary, act now! As much as we may laugh and mock the ads we see everyday, they do have an influence on us whether we realize it or not. This is especially true as we are exposed to the material more than once. If everywhere you go you see and hear how important it is to have fresh breath it’s only natural to ask yourself if you do. Even if you don’t, chewing gum is recommended by dentists after meals for oral health and to help fight cavities. AND the new breath freshening flavor is sugar free, so why now grab that pack while you’re in line now?


By the way, if you have been wondering why they are called weasel words we won’t leave you guessing. Weasels have a rep for being sneaky, clever little creatures. That’s because they eat bird eggs by making a small hole and sucking out the contents, leaving the egg appearing intact. They also excel at getting in and out of a tight spot. All of that is all fine and well until they are spotted by a hawk. If you want your marketing campaigns to succeed, be a weasel.