If your online business marketing strategy includes a business blog, then you may want to consider bringing in multiple authors for your content. Now, here I’m not talking about having the occasional guest poster, though there are definitely many benefits to such a setup. What I’m referring to is a team of writers, who may or may not be directly affiliated with your business, but they possess some expertise or knowledge that compliments your content production. They may offer multiple posts and even become regular contributors.

I recently came across this video at Social Media Examiner that describes several aspects of running a multi-author blog. It’s definitely a model of contant creation and management that some small business owners should consider.

Perhaps you don’t see the need for multiple authorship, or you may be reluctant to give away a part of your platform so that others can come and take away the spotlight. But if your business relies heavily on your online branding and marketing efforts, then you may want to think again. There are many benefits to running a multi-author blog:

  • Writers will be more invested in your site (and your business) and will readily share content with their own followers and circles to both promote your business and their contributions.
  • Having multiple authors creates a greater sense of community. They and their followers will be more invested in your site. There’s a sense of ownership because they have contributed towards it. This means not only more social sharing, but also more visits and quality commenting.
  • Multi author blogs also come with some serious SEO benefits. If you have an active, contributing community then it ensures that your website is constantly being refreshed. These days, any known expert in search engine optimization will tell you that constantly producing quality, fresh content will give your website a leg up in the search results.
  • By bringing in other writers it means you will be able to offer your readers and customers insight and expertise that you may be lacking. Outside writers also bring a different writing style and perspective which can give your content some balance and freshness.
  • You will also have more time to run your business. Aside from having to look over posts that have been submitted for review, most of the process of having contributing authors upload content can be automated. With blogging platforms, such as WordPress, setting up a multi-author blog is relatively secure and easy to set-up and manage. Even an initial, automated screening process can be put in place.

In short, there are many compelling reasons to consider opening up your business blog to outside authors. If it is not something that would benefit your particular site, then consider hosting a forum or encouraging comments from your readers. Either way, your goal is to build an engaged community who will also be engaged with your business.

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