The web is literally saturated with professional women bloggers, and plenty of these women have been recognized as some of the biggest movers and shakers in their respective industries. But more often than not, when I visit some of these “influential” blogs I get the feeling that no one’s home. Even where there are comments and signs of social sharing, the content frequently leaves much to be desired. It feels like they generated some initial buzz, and then they put their blogs on autopilot (or at least on a half-lit back burner).



The following is list of women bloggers I’ve come across over the past couple of years who defy that trend. These women pour their hearts into their blogs (on top of everything else) and it shows. Some of them you may already be familiar with, others not. But if you follow any of them, you won’t be disappointed.


Basic Blog Tips Though Ileane Smith created her site as a resource to help bloggers succeed, her star really shines in social media (Be sure to check out some of her podcasts) Her posts and those of other guest posters generously offers tips on blogging, social media, podcasting, and more.


GrowMap Gail Gardner specializes in social networking, e-commerce, and blogging specifically geared towards smaller companies. If you’re running a “small-fry” company and are having a hard time getting Google to notice you, then it’s even more reason to read this bog.


The Lip-Sticking Society Yvonne Devita originally started this blog as a way to promote “smart marketing” among women business owners and professionals. Today, she has a whole team of professional women bloggers behind her. If you are looking for a fresh and genuine perspective on what turns women on and off in marketing, then this is the blog for you.


Small Biz Survival Small Biz Survival is a repeat entry on several of my previous top small business bloggers lists. Becky McCray’s passion for her local community and her business endeavors are very clear. The posts are both informative and relevant, and the blog itself has a certain small town feel. If you are a small town small business owner, or even if you are an entrepreneur who just lives in a small town, then this blog is a must.


Empower Me! Blog Adrienne Graham is all for growth and development. Not only can she help you and your business be the best they can be, but through her personal life lessons and experiences of making decisions on her terms, she exemplifies that very growth herself. In her Empower Me Blog she offers post after post packed with personal accounts and no-nonsense advise on career management, networking, entrepreneurial activities and small business management.


Yes and Know If you’ve been craving to take your career or your business to the next level, yet fear and uncertainty are holding you back, then this blog may be for you. Nilofer Merchant’s articles are meant to inspire individuals and organizations to be fearless in their efforts to initiate productive growth and change. In addition to topics on entrepreneurship and the latest in marketing and tech trends, there are many posts on culture and personal development.


Brass Tack Thinking In this blog by Amber Naslund you’ll get sharp perspective, analysis, and profundity on social media, marketing, and managing a business. All of this, combined with Mrs Naslund’s penchant for self-development and learning, make it must read.




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