Over the past few years there’s been a “coaching” craze brewing. Individuals seeking locker room at halftime type inspiration or a bit of personal insight, direction, and development have been turning to the so-called life coaching industry. These“life coaches” act as a kind of paid friend or mentor to help their clients actualize themselves.


Not surprisingly, as businesses of all stripes struggle to remain profitable in these challenging economic times, business and executive coaching as a sub-industry has also emerged offering a personalized form of mentoring and consulting.

If you are running a business and feel that business coaching may be right for you, then you don’t have to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars to find out. Here are ten business coaching sites you should keep an eye on:

1. ActionCOACH

It is one of the most reputed global business coaching firms. The blogs and white papers by Brad Sugars give real-time advice on working smarter to build a successful business. Do read this blog to acquire life-changing ideas.

2. Small Business Coach & Associates

An expert coaching especially focused on small businesses. The blogs on this website cover marketing strategies, business growth, decision making, cash flows, employee performance and work-life balance.

3. E-Myth Business Coach

E-Myth brings 30 years of industry experience into its business coaching programs that is clearly reflected in their blog posts. E-Myth boasts of changing the fortunes of several small businesses in diverse range of industries.

4. Paul Simister

Paul is a world famous business coach and strategist. His blogs provide wonderful tips and advice to improve the competitive edge and earn more profits. He is perhaps the only coach who guarantees a minimum of 500% return on investment on his coaching.

5. Terri Levine

Terri has offered coaching to more than 5000 companies in 247 different industries around the world. She invests her three decades of experience in helping business owners grow leaps and bounds. Her blog posts are extremely helpful to entrepreneurs around the world.

6. Passion for Business

Karyn Greenstreet is an experienced small business coach dedicated to unlock the potential of your small business. She not only shares excellent managerial ideas but also motivate you through her blogs to stay ahead of the competition.

7. Marketing for Success

A great place to feed your mind with proven success skills. Charlie Cook is a small business coach and marketing expert ready to take your business to the next level.

8. Instant Business Coach

I came across the blogs of Paul Parsons through Google search about the importance of 1st impression in business. I was amazed to see how clearly he has explained some of the most tedious business concepts in a simple manner. The blogs here are just awesome for any businessman.

9. Business Coach

Regular blogs full of tips, strategies, innovative ideas, shifts and techniques that are capable of turning your business into a growth machine. The team of Garry Henson has been coaching business executives, leaders and employees for the past 22 years.

10. Paul Lemberg

Paul has offered coaching to the executives of Fortune-500 companies and has appeared on CNN, Good Morning America and many other television and radio programs. When he has exceptional track record in the corporate world, how can his blogs lag behind? Paul compel entrepreneurs through his provocative blogs to think differently.

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