Tempted to Hire a Temp Worker for Your Small Biz? You May Want to Think Again…

When times get tough, companies increasingly look to temporary employees to fill their needs- at least that’s what this recent article over at CNN suggests.


As a small business owner, relying on temporary or contractual hires may seem like a quick and cheap solution to getting a particular job done, and these days with the rise of Internet-based networking and temporary employment services, it’s even easier then before. However, the truth is that sometimes it just pays more to bring in a permanent employee. Here are three reasons why:

1. It may end up costing you more. In a previous post, I offered three reasons why bringing in temporary or contractual help may actually end up costing your business more than a regular employee. That is, your temporary help may be more expensive then you think due to several “hidden” costs, such as bigger wages, a high learning curve, and the need for a lot of directing.

2. Capitalize on employee loyalty. It is a simple fact of human nature that employees will be more motivated to work hard and well, when they themselves are affected by the company’s performance. Temp workers come and go, they may be working with your business today, but a month from now, it could be someone else. They are not as connected to the results of their efforts, and are thus less likely to give it their best.

3. Build up your employee team. While it may take some time for temp workers to familiarize themselves with their new surroundings, the truth is that bringing in temporary or seasonal help can be disorienting for everyone. This includes you, your current workers, and your customers. This can in turn slow down productivity; the inconsistency can make it harder for existing workers to work together and to focus on the job at hand.

In short, while there are many benefits to be had from hiring temp help, you might want to look before you leap.

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