Using Drop Shipping for Your Small Business

One of the keys to small business success during difficult economic times is finding the right balance between doing things in-house and outsourcing those tasks. Small business owners looking to keep their inventory stocks low and their cash flowing may want to consider using the services of an outside drop shipping company.     Drop […]

What to Do When Disaster Strikes Your Business

A disaster, natural or otherwise, can cause enormous loss to your business, effecting vital data, equipment, realestate, and your customer base. Even an event on the scale of a brief electrical outage can create havoc on computer files and phone lines. But if disaster suddenly strikes, it doesn’t have to mean that all is lost. […]

Essential Data Security Tips for Your Small Business

For small businesses that rely on technology, even those with modest usage (ie a computer with Internet access), maintaining the integrity of sensitive data, such as names, social security numbers, pin numbers and access codes, is a vital priority.    So what can your small business do to protect its valuable data? Keep in mind […]

Small Businesses, Tap Into the Power of Collective Buying

Collective buying, or group buying, is a new trend that benefits businesses and consumers alike. Group buying websites, such as, offer discounts on goods and services. Unlike traditional coupon sites, they encourage consumers to spread the buzz and bring in other customers by guaranteeing the bargains only if enough customers take advantage of the […]

Shelf Corporations: Attractive But Potentially Risky

The internet is rife with offers of businesses for sale. A little research often reveals that some of the most attractive of these offers are shelf corporations.   A shelf corporation is a company that was established and then was “left on the shelf”- meaning that it has been inactive for several years. After a […]

Chase Reduces Loan Interest Rate for Each New Hire

Chase has apparently decided to do its part to jumpstart the still sluggish American economy by promoting an interesting offer: The bank promises to reduce the interest rate for each new employee that a small business hires.   Last week Chase announced that the new program is being offered to business owners willing to undertake […]

What to Consider before Moving Your Business to the Cloud

In the previous two posts, I offered a definition of cloud computing and discussed some general ways in which cloud computing can benefit a small business. But even with all of its benefits, computing from the cloud is not for every business. Before you move your business operations and data online, there are several vital […]

How Cloud Computing Can be Used in Your Small Business

In a previous post, I offered an updated definition of cloud computing. In short, cloud computing refers to the use of Internet-based services to support various business processes in real time. In practical terms, cloud computing allows small businesses to remotely manage and store information, and access customized software or services from any device featuring […]

What is Cloud Computing?

Over the past few years, the term “cloud computing” has become a catch-all phrase referring to the use of real time, Internet-based services to support business processes. More specifically, cloud computing can refer to software as a service, such as for Customer Relationship Management (CRM); to file storage, synchronization, backup services, such as; […]