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Want to Add the Google+ Button to Your Small Business Website? Not So Fast!

With all the buzz being generated around Google’s new social networking and information sharing tool, Google+, you could be planning to add this service to your web content in the form of the Google+ button (if you haven’t already). But, as the title to this post suggests, you may want to wait it out a [...]

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New Research Changes Rules of Business Communication

New research about possible hormonal reactions to social networking has big repercussions for small businesses. In a preliminary study (chronicled here), Dr. Paul J. Zak, aka “Dr. Love,” has found that levels of oxytocin, which creates feelings of trust, spike during Facebook, Twitter, and blog use. Businesses can capitalize on this finding to enhance customer [...]

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What is Foursquare and How Can Your Business Use It?

For about a year now, the blogosphere has been abuzz about the virtues and possibilities of Foursquare. For those of you who are still unacquainted with the social networking app and how it can be used in your business, here is a brief primer.   Foursquare is a neat social networking application that allows you [...]

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Should Your Small Business Be on Facebook?

Smack in the middle of all the social networking hype that has been generated over the past few years there is Facebook- a site that lets users add people as “friends”, designate themselves as”fans”of other users, send messages, and update their personal profiles. With more than 400 million active users, many, including this blog, saw [...]

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How to Generate Cheap Publicity for Your Small Business

Generating publicity is a major part of any small business marketing campaign. But when tight budgets meet up with lack of know how, many excellent opportunities can go to waste. Small business owners looking to expand their marketing tactics on a shoe string may want to consider these options:  Send out a press release. Expanding [...]

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Free Marketing Through Social Networking Sites

Did you know that you can use social networking sites to promote your business?  This is true whether you have a hair salon, a restaurant, a bar or an auto shop.  Social Networking sites (like MySpace ) are free and are a great way to advertise, build, and maintain your customer base. A quick search on [...]

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