Why Small Business Owners Have It Easy

Small Business Owners

5) Low expectations.

Such a large number of small business close, that no-one will necessarily think so badly if yours does as well. Unless of course they made the mistake of investing in you.

4) No need to come up with lame excuses.

Actually, the problem is that in a lot of situations, your clients play the role of your “boss”. They are paying you, so they feel validated in telling you what to do and when to do it. Maybe those excuses are useful after all…

3) The boss doesn’t hit on you.

Of course, you have to be careful you don’t hit on anyone else. Unless of course you want to get sued.

2) 2 words, baby: Tax Write-Offs.

Small business owners get to go crazy with tax write-offs. Of course, your new wife might find it odd that you keep talking about your work with everyone on your honeymoon, but – hey – save your receipts and when you get back, you can check with your accountant.


And the number one reason?

1) You’re the boss.

If you want to sit around and play video games all day, no one can say schitt. Of course if you are going to do that everyday, then your business doesn’t have much of a chance. But, hey, you’re the boss. Feel that sense of entitlement.