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To Everything, There is a Season…Especially in Business

Growth is natural and generally considered positive; almost everything, in its own time, grows and develops. So it’s expected that your small business will reach a point at which you can make the decision to grow (i.e., expand). But how do you know that you and/or your business is ready and what will it look [...]

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Your Competitor Lowered His Prices: Don’t Panic, Follow These Strategic Steps

As the economy continues to struggle, many small business owners are finding that they have to compete more and more for consumers’ attention and wallets. It’s no secret that price can be a huge motivator in people’s minds today as they go about making their purchase decisions. In an attempt to keep their sales levels up, many [...]

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Small Business Growth Stunted Amid Economic Uncertainty

For the majority of U.S small businesses – the backbone of the nation’s economy – growth and expansion have remained on the back burner as of late. In fact, many smaller companies are struggling just to stay afloat even as reports stream in that the economy seems to be on the mend. Why? Here are [...]

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Tips on How to Grow Your Small Business in a Recession
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Yes, there are small businesses out there that are considering growth opportunities even as our current recession keeps a tight hold on our economy. But for those small businesses that are in this situation, any steps that they take to expand operations should be carefully implemented. Here are a few tips on how to responsibly [...]

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