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Three Great Business Planning Resources

If you are new to running a business, just the thought of creating a working business plan can be overwhelming- and this is on top of all the other things you need to master to get your business from ideation to operation. You don’t want to add to the mountain by consulting a ton of [...]

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How Can You tell If Your Bank Is Small Business Friendly?

I find it funny that some business owners may spend more time shopping for a $300 laser printer than they would shopping for a bank. Choosing a bank for your small business should involve more than just opening a new account at your personal bank or picking the nearest branch. You need to understand what [...]

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Are Obama’s Efforts Enough for Small Business?

Last week, the Obama Administration announced that it is taking a series of “immediate actions to help small businesses” survive and thrive in the challenging economic conditions we, as a nation, continue to find ourselves in. But many small business owners are left wondering if Obama’s efforts are either immediate or enough to make any [...]

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Five Tips for Finding a Good Bank for Your Small Business

In my last post, I listed 10 notoriously ridiculous fees that many of the big banks are charging these days. If you are a small business owner then choosing the right bank is all the more important. As you make an effort to maintain a healthy cash flow and get financing when you need it, [...]

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Speed Dating Business Finance Style

 The U.S. Small Business Administration’s West Virginia office has a great idea for spurring small business: speed dating. The office sponsored an event that provided a forum for small business owners to present their business plans to bank lending officers and economic development officials. Each entrepreneur had five minutes to request funding, before they had [...]

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Microloans Provide Needed Financing to Some Small Businesses

As the economy continues to sputter along, the sources of traditional small business financing have been quickly drying up. Collectively, banks and commercial lenders are requiring more collateral while simultaneously approving smaller loan amounts. And this is coming as other personal financing products, such as home equity loans, are getting harder to come by. As [...]

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