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Who Finances the Financier?

We all know that it is hard for small businesses to get financing these days from banks – it was never a piece of cake, and now that the credit crunch is on for so long we see it has gotten ridiculous.  But… did you ever wonder what a bank does when it needs financing?  [...]

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Joke: What Happens When a Loan Officer Dies

OK, I’ll post two jokes just to be fair – showing both sides of the story. First, the way most of us would see it: A Loan Officer died.  When he met St. Peter at the Pearly Gates, he presented himself for admittance to Heaven. Peter said, “Well, you did a lot of good helping [...]

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Joke: The Multi-Millionnaire and the $5000 Loan

Ok, you may have heard this before, but I think its hillarious.    Of course, this would never work at FastUpFront, because we don’t ask for collateral!  This joke is going to be outdated soon. A well-dressed blonde woman goes into a bank in centran Manhattan and sits down to speak with the loan officer.  She [...]

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