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Why Google+ Works Great for Recruiting

Most people know Google+ as another social network for individuals to connect with friends and companies to connect with customers. However, many colleges and universities know Google+ to work well in a different way—a great tool for recruiting.   The website Mashable recently found that many universities are using the networking tool as an opportunity [...]

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New Businesses Lacking Job Creation

Now that the U.S. House of Representatives has decided not to extend long-term unemployment benefits past November, job creation is more urgent than ever. But recent statistics suggest that most new businesses are sole proprietorships or very small companies. Thus, new job creation remains elusive.   According to research by economists John Haltiwanger, Ron Jarmin, [...]

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Chase Reduces Loan Interest Rate for Each New Hire

Chase has apparently decided to do its part to jumpstart the still sluggish American economy by promoting an interesting offer: The bank promises to reduce the interest rate for each new employee that a small business hires.   Last week Chase announced that the new program is being offered to business owners willing to undertake [...]

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How to Keep Your Employees from Leaving

Throughout the recession, the majority of US companies were laying off employees rather than hiring them. They certainly weren’t worried about employees jumping ship. But as the economy begins to stabilize this situation is changing.   Online job search engine, LinkUp.com, reports that there are plenty of job openings out there and that the trend seems [...]

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5 Interview Questions Which Will Get You Sued

Everyone knows that discrimination is illegal, but do you know the breadth of questions which are considered discriminatory in employment law? Small businesses often have a harder time in this area, because there is not always a HR (human resources) specialist on staff. Many traditional employment applications that you might be using have questions which [...]

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