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Insuring Your Employees Without Losing Your Shirt, or Theirs

If you own or manage a small or medium size business, maintaining or even obtaining health insurance for your employees is one of your leading concerns, just as it is for your employees. According to a brochure put out by the Georgia Small Business Development Center, employees overwhelmingly consider health insurance to be the most [...]

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What is Small Business Insurance and Why Do You Need It?

Many small business owners may be apathetic when it comes to business insurance- seeing it as an expense to avoid or to minimize where possible. But savvy business owners realize that business insurance is in essence an investment on the future. The various business insurance products available protect not only the owner(s) of the business, [...]

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Health Care Reform: A Major Concern for Small Businesses
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Over the past few weeks the Obama Administration has placed the topic of health care reform front and center on the national agenda. The move has sparked fresh debate, concern, and anxiety among politicians, consumers, business owners big and small, as well as health industry experts and representatives. Most agree that something must be done [...]

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Soothing the Health Care Headache: 9 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Health Insurance

As our economy sputters along, the issue of health care has become a real headache. With the cost of health insurance on the rise amid a general push towards bootstrapping and business restructuring, businesses big and small are struggling to provide a decent plan for their employees, and those who have recently lost their jobs [...]

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An Obama Presidency = A Headache for Small Businesses?

[image source: Anthony Baker] With a sputtering economy and an uncertain future, issues such as tax reform, health insurance, and worker’s benefits are weighing heavy on the minds of entrepreneurs and small business owners. For many, how the candidates for the US Presidency stand on these issues alone can be the deciding factor come voting [...]

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