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How to Build a Wellness Program in Your Small Business

With the rising costs of health care and the tangible benefits that come with living a healthy life style, it’s almost a no-brainier that implementing a wellness program in your small business can offer a potentially big payback. And don’t think that it will necessarily cost you big bucks. Just because you can’t afford to [...]

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Stressed Out, Depressed Employees = Sick Employees: Keeping Workers Healthy, Happy

Part of the fallout of all the economic uncertainty, the government’s petulant turf wars, and the day-to-day struggle with money, has been an overall increase of stress, anxiety, and depression among the majority of Americans.   There is a well-know correlation between chronic stress and anxiety and the increase of stress-related illnesses, and according to [...]

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New Businesses Lacking Job Creation

Now that the U.S. House of Representatives has decided not to extend long-term unemployment benefits past November, job creation is more urgent than ever. But recent statistics suggest that most new businesses are sole proprietorships or very small companies. Thus, new job creation remains elusive.   According to research by economists John Haltiwanger, Ron Jarmin, [...]

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Soothing the Health Care Headache: 9 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Health Insurance

As our economy sputters along, the issue of health care has become a real headache. With the cost of health insurance on the rise amid a general push towards bootstrapping and business restructuring, businesses big and small are struggling to provide a decent plan for their employees, and those who have recently lost their jobs [...]

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