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Will Obama’s Inauguration Set the Tone for Small Businesses?

All the pomp and circumstance surrounding the inauguration of Barack Obama as U.S. President underscores a new flurry of business activity that shines like a small ray of hope in our dismal economy. The San Francisco Chronicle recently reported that numerous entrepreneurs and small business have rushed to capitalize on Obama’s rise to the presidency. [...]

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Going Green Today… A Different Kind of Environmental Impact

In recent months, the demand for organic products may have dropped, but it should not be taken as a sign that the “go-green” movement has met its demise. Expect a transformation instead. Whether you subscribe to the drive for all things organic and sustainable, are unabashedly opposed to it, or fall somewhere in between, there [...]

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Why Turning Green Will Put More Green in Your Pocket

My colleague, Gary Barzel, recently posted the “Definitive Guide to Turning Your Business Green”. Although it would be nice if we were all inspired to “go green” for the pure motivation of saving the environment – many of us are more motivated by the other type of green: MONEY. I’d like to expand on a [...]

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Definitive Guide To Turning Your Business Green

The trend to “go green” has been leaving its footprint in countless industries. Small businesses that typically have limited resources to invest in things like renewable energy or environmental business consultants can still have a positive effect on the environment without making a huge investment of time or money. Here is a “how-to” for small [...]

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