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The Biggest Mistake Business Owners Make on Google+
Google Plus

If you have been paying any attention to the clash of the social media titans, you’ve probably heard about the explosive growth Google’s newish social network, Google+, has been enjoying- especially over the past year or so. While many in cyberspace have been quick to criticize for Google for practically force feeding G+ to the [...]

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Do Shoppable Hangouts Spell a New Era in Ecommerce?
Shoppable Hangouts on Air

A few weeks ago, four top fashion designers announced that they had agreed to host live shoppable video hangouts using Google+ Hangouts on Air. As those who attended the events relate their experiences, it’s very clear that ecommerce will look very different a few years down the road then what it does today. During each [...]

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10 Good Online Groups and Communities for Small Business Owners

Knowing where to turn to for advice and support in your business, can really make all the difference between success and failure. I know that may sound a bit strong if you are looking at this statement from the outside. But as small business owners, we see our fair share of ups and downs, questions, [...]

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Why Google+ Works Great for Recruiting

Most people know Google+ as another social network for individuals to connect with friends and companies to connect with customers. However, many colleges and universities know Google+ to work well in a different way—a great tool for recruiting.   The website Mashable recently found that many universities are using the networking tool as an opportunity [...]

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Want to Add the Google+ Button to Your Small Business Website? Not So Fast!

With all the buzz being generated around Google’s new social networking and information sharing tool, Google+, you could be planning to add this service to your web content in the form of the Google+ button (if you haven’t already). But, as the title to this post suggests, you may want to wait it out a [...]

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The Salary of a Billionaire

Do you want to try and guess the salary of Google CEO Eric Schmidt? I’ll give you a hint: he doesn’t have a six or seven figure salary. He doesn’t even have a five figure salary. The fact is, he gets just $1/year. When he was originally hired in 2001, Eric Schmidt was offered $250,000 [...]

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