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Happy Birthday to the Blog

This August marks the first birthday of the Fast Up Front Blog.  Over the past year we have written on average about three posts per week covering a wide range of topics of interest (hopefully!) to the small business owner.  I’d like to highlight some of the topics we covered, and our evolution as a [...]

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Who Finances the Financier?

We all know that it is hard for small businesses to get financing these days from banks – it was never a piece of cake, and now that the credit crunch is on for so long we see it has gotten ridiculous.  But… did you ever wonder what a bank does when it needs financing?  [...]

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Upcoming Free Webcast on Financing

I just found out about a great webcast which will be taking place on June 24th. “The American Dreams Rude Awakening- Mortgage Debacle and Foreclosures” The OU (Orthodox Union), a Jewish organization, is sponsoring a free webcast focusing on how to deal with the mortgage crisis, whether you are looking to get a mortgage, or [...]

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Finding the Top Business Blogs

I’ve spent the last week compiling info on the top business blogs – by golly there are a lot out there. So far, I have been taking John Crickett’s Top 100 Internet Business Blog list from his Business Opportunities and Ideas blog, and finding out key info on each blog and compiling it. John’s list [...]

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