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How to Succeed As an Entrepreneur in 2012

Earlier this week, I saw an interesting post by Scott Shane over at SmallBizTrends.com in which he highlights a trend that so far seems to have avoided media scrutiny: an apparent entrepreneurial exodus has been going on over the past five years. Though the number of people taking the entrepreneurial plunge seems to have increased [...]

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Why Co-Working Communities are Good for Small Businesses

One of the positive fallouts of the recent economic crisis has been the insurgence of entrepreneurism among those who would have otherwise worked for others. Along side this trend has been the emergence of a new phenomenon called “co-working.” For those who are unfamiliar with the term, co-working refers to an arrangement where budding entrepreneurs [...]

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Laid Off? Get Back to Work by Starting Your Own Small Business
Working from home

As the unemployment rate surges across the nation, a diverse group of people of various ages and backgrounds are suddenly being faced with the question: What next? History attests to the fact that economic difficulty often spurs innovation and creativity, and our current economic crisis should be no different. In a recent post, I noted [...]

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