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How to Keep Your Employees from Leaving

Throughout the recession, the majority of US companies were laying off employees rather than hiring them. They certainly weren’t worried about employees jumping ship. But as the economy begins to stabilize this situation is changing.   Online job search engine, LinkUp.com, reports that there are plenty of job openings out there and that the trend seems [...]

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Signs Your Employee is Going to Quit

 A good employee is one of a business’ most valuable assets, and loosing such an asset can be costly- especially when you factor in the expenses of hiring and training a new worker to fill a vacant position. But according to recent statistics, many workers across the U.S. want to quit their current jobs in [...]

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Are Your Employees Fulfilled at Work?

Employees who persistently clung to their jobs over the past couple of years are now becoming more inclined to leave their positions as the job market in the US shows clear indication of revival. According to data published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in February, the number of employees voluntarily quitting their jobs exceeded [...]

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How Small Businesses Can Retain Employees in a Recession
AIG Building

In the midst of all the outrage surrounding AIG’s infamous bailout bonus packages, a surprising detail has emerged. The so-called “retention” bonuses were paid to 52 people who have packed up and left the company. Though one could perhaps argue that the people who left technically could afford to leave, and anyway they weren’t doing [...]

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