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How the Credit Card Industry is Sucking Small Businesses Dry
Dry Rag

Earlier this year I posted a series on credit card reform and suggested that it would be a rough road ahead for many small business owners… unfortunately I was right. Though the credit card reform act of 2009 may have put a spotlight on some of the obscure and outright abusive business practices embraced by [...]

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The Credit Card Reform Bill: Expect Many to Try Credit Card Alternatives
American Express

This post is the final part of a four-part series on credit card reform. In the three previous posts, I discussed the possible affect of the credit card reform bill that was passed by the US Senate earlier this month. The bottom line for consumers and small businesses is that this new legislation will probably [...]

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The Credit Card Reform Bill: The Effect to Small Businesses?
Credit Cards

This post is the third of a four-part series on credit card reform. The consumer reaction to the credit reform bill has been taking the spotlight ever since the legislation was approved by the US Senate two weeks ago. Though the changes proposed in the new legislation will have some effect on consumer credit card [...]

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