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How to Protect Yourself from Cuts to Your Business Credit Card Limit

Over the past couple of years, the credit card industry seems bent on shaking up the credit markets so that it comes out in their favor. For small business owners with business credit cards, there has been virtual tidal wave of often unexpected changes- from cut credit lines to closed accounts- that seems to blindly [...]

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How to Rebuild Your Business’ Credit Score

As the US economy still labors under a sluggish recovery, countless small business owners across the nation have experienced a sharp decline in their business credit scores. Chalk this up to a combination of poor sales and a growing pool of cash-strapped customers struggling to fulfill their financial obligations.     Fortunately, there are several [...]

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The Credit Card Reform Bill: The Effect to Small Businesses?
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This post is the third of a four-part series on credit card reform. The consumer reaction to the credit reform bill has been taking the spotlight ever since the legislation was approved by the US Senate two weeks ago. Though the changes proposed in the new legislation will have some effect on consumer credit card [...]

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