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Take on Competitors by Claiming Your Niche

Do you know who your direct competition is? If you’re a small business purveyor of artisanal popcorn, you might think your direct competition is other popcorn providers — big or small. You might even consider only those in the same regional area as you as your direct competition. But what about other firms that provide [...]

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Your Competitor Lowered His Prices: Don’t Panic, Follow These Strategic Steps

As the economy continues to struggle, many small business owners are finding that they have to compete more and more for consumers’ attention and wallets. It’s no secret that price can be a huge motivator in people’s minds today as they go about making their purchase decisions. In an attempt to keep their sales levels up, many [...]

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What You Should Learn When Spying on Your Competition

Success depends on how effectively you can differentiate your products, services, and solutions from those offered by your competitors. In order to build and maintain your unique selling point among customers, you need to be aware of what your competition is doing. Although “spying” is an extreme term, focused attention and research on your competitors [...]

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9 Sure Ways to Make Your Business Fail

According to the Small Business Association, the majority of newly established small businesses will not survive past five years. Such statistics may not sound encouraging if you have recently started your own small business, but with a little bit of planning you can easily buck this trend. The following are a few key factors that, [...]

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