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How to Generate Cheap Publicity for Your Small Business

Generating publicity is a major part of any small business marketing campaign. But when tight budgets meet up with lack of know how, many excellent opportunities can go to waste. Small business owners looking to expand their marketing tactics on a shoe string may want to consider these options:  Send out a press release. Expanding [...]

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A Look at How Retailers Can Weather the Recession

According to recent research, retail sales have fallen over the last month even as the back-to-school shopping season gets into high gear, and industry forecasters claim that this does not bode well for the upcoming holiday season either.   (Image Credit) So the looming question for retailers big and small continues to be how to [...]

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A Look at How Some Restaurants are Weathering the Recession

A few weeks ago, I posted this article offering a few tips on how small business owners can grow their businesses during the recession. As I noted in the post, even in this dismal economy some businesses are thriving. But for the majority of smaller businesses the focus has become just trying to hunker down [...]

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