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How to Fund Emergency Business Expenses

How can you get quick capital to help cover any unexpected emergencies or significant cash shortfalls in your business? Even if you have few assets, you may still have options as long as you put in little forethought before something happens. Running a Business is Full of Bumps One of the givens of running a [...]

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A Quick Guide to the Confusing World of Alternative Business Finance

After the credit crunch and subsequent housing meltdown in 2008, the banking industry made a much publicized move to reign in small business lending. What had once been a moderate flow of small business finance to the nation’s smallest companies, then almost completely dried up. In it’s wake, various alternative lenders and other loan arrangements [...]

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SBA Lending: Small Businesses Still Waiting to be “Stimulated”
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It all seemed so promising… Last year, Senator John Kerry’s Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee managed to not only save several small business loan programs that were effectively reduced or completely nixed under the President’s proposed 2009 budget, but they also managed to secure over $100 million in additional funding. This additional funding was supposed [...]

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Bucking the Trend: Who is Thriving in the Credit Crisis?

With concern growing over the health of the global economy, many consumers and businesses alike are doing whatever they can to ride out the impending storm- and that can spell growth and financial opportunity for those who can capitalize on it. So which sectors should still thrive in the current credit crisis?… Financial consulting and [...]

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Who Finances the Financier?

We all know that it is hard for small businesses to get financing these days from banks – it was never a piece of cake, and now that the credit crunch is on for so long we see it has gotten ridiculous.  But… did you ever wonder what a bank does when it needs financing?  [...]

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5 Reasons Loan Sharks are Better than Family for Borrowing

1) You don’t have to worry about the loan shark taking the risk. If you think your friends or/and family might lend you money, even though traditional bankers are saying no, then you probably have a pretty good relationship with them. You believe they care about you, and you probably feel the same way about [...]

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