Free Online Business Finance Workshops

Today, I ran across a series of free business finance workshops that seem very helpful. They take a while to load, but they are very well done. There is a PowerPoint style presentation with a voiceover (not just reading what is on the screen.) Each workshop covers a different “How to” – I’ve annotated the links to the different presentations so you know what each one is about.

How to Develop and Write Your Business Plan  – This two-part workshop takes you through all the facets of the development and writing of a business plan.

Creating and Using a Profit and Loss Statement – This workshop is intended to provide deeper insight into the financial health of you company while going through the process of creating a profit and loss statement.

Preparing a Balance Sheet – This workshop is designed to teach you how to prepare the balance sheet you need for your business.

How to conduct a Market Analysis – This workshop teaches you how to gauge how much of an audience for your new business idea.

How to prepare a Cash Budget / Cash Flows Chart – The Cash Budget workshop is great for examining your business cash flows. (Don’t forget about our Business Cash Advance program for those occasions when you are in a cash flow crunch.)

Creating and Using a Strategic Plan – The strategic plan is different from the business plan. You can use it to access your business’ successes, weak areas and overall performance.

 Check out my other posts about online business finance tools for other resources.

Business Planning Freeware

During my morning surf, I found some directories of Business Planning Freeware and I thought I’d put links up.  I haven’t checked these programs out, so use your own judgement.  Some of them look rather old, but a formula is a formula and it looks like many of these programs could be very useful.

Many of them have all sorts of white papers and templates for new and established small businesses (and everyone in between).  Others have ratio calculators and the like.  I have only just started looking it over, but I wanted to share the directories with all of you.  One of the free-wares (eGuides from PlanWare) has info that supposedly helps with the following:

  1. Getting New Business Ideas
  2. Devising Business Strategies
  3. Developing a Strategic Business Plan
  4. Writing a Business Plan
  5. Insights into Business Planning
  6. Preparing Financial Projections
  7. Making Cashflow Forecasts
  8. Managing Working Capital

Anyway, try out these two directories for Business Finance/Planning Free-Ware, and let us know which ones you recommend:

Business Plan FreeWare directory from SoftPlatz

Business Plan FreeWare directory from FreeWare-Guide

Online Business Finance & Accounting Calculators

By using online finance/accounting calculators and other online tools, you are able to bypass hiring someone to calculate for you AND you are able to recalculate quickly and easily for various situations, projections, and ‘what if’s’.


Bank Rate has the following free calculators for Small Business Owners:

Calculate payments on any loan (incl. amortization schedule)
Current ratio calculator
Quick ratio calculator
Debt-to-assets ratio calculator
Return on assets calculator
Gross profit margin calculator
Operating profit percentage calculator


Here is what DinkyTown has to say about its Working Capital Calculator:


Your working capital is used to pay short-term obligations such as your accounts payable and buying inventory. If your working capital dips too low, you risk running out of cash. Even very profitable businesses can run into trouble if they lose the ability to meet their short-term obligations. The calculator assists you in determining working capital needs for the next year.


I hope to get a ratio list up here at some point to help people understand how, and when, the various ratios are used. 


Hope you enjoy your online tools. :)