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Happy Birthday to the Blog

This August marks the first birthday of the Fast Up Front Blog.  Over the past year we have written on average about three posts per week covering a wide range of topics of interest (hopefully!) to the small business owner.  I’d like to highlight some of the topics we covered, and our evolution as a blog to becoming the FastUpFront Blog that we are now, in August 2008.

  • August 2007

We began very focused on financing side of things – looking at factoring, loans, government grants and other alternative financing options.  (Bank Loans vs Leasing vs Cash Advances) We covered some tax issues and other topics specific to finance/accounting and small businesses.

  • February/March 2008

In early spring we gave the blog a makeover, taking the other extreme.  We gave the site a “cooler” less “stiff” look and wrote on lighter topics suitable to a much wider audience.  Rather than focusing on financing, we wrote about more general topics.  Some of these were only related peripherally to business, (6 Successful Business that Prove Society is in Trouble) and very rarely to financing.

  • June 2008 – Present

Around June we decided that we wanted to create a sort of hybrid between our earliest style of blog and the more recent style.  We still like to include jokes, but they tend to be finance related (The Multi-Millionaire and the $5000 Loan); we even added comics (Secured Loans from Hell).  On the other hand, we tried to gear our focus back to our primary clients: small business owners.  Posts have been focused on topics as broad as marketing (Changing the Logo for your Small Business), and as specific as menu design for restaurants.  Posts are written to generally be a bit heavier than they have been, but still light enough to be enjoyable.  Our goal: to be fun and useful.  We want to help you to run your business in the best way possible, and to have fun doing it!

Let me know if you miss something from one of our previous  “incarnations” – I’d love to hear from you.  In the meantime, Gary and I will keep writing, and hope you keep reading.  I wonder what I will write about this coming year when I look back on it next August….

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December 5, 2007

FastUpFront in the News!

Check out the article referring to the business cash advance industry online with specific mention of FastUpFront on Yahoo News!

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November 20, 2007

Business Articles on FastupFront

In addition to small business and business finance information provided in this blog section of FastUpFront, we are pleased to announce that our Business Articles section has been expanded to include a wide variety of business articles that are not just focused on small business financing.

The Business Articles section taps into various topics such as business tips, business strategy, business resources, industry and sector specific information for large and small business; and of course financing! 

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September 11, 2007

Beauty / Hair Salon Financing – A necessary but near impossible loan to acquire.

Growing a hair / beauty salon business requires financing! Lenders know that these business can really struggle with varying receivables and high overhead. A successful salon needs time to develop a loyal customer base. A salon’s success is based on a local following and until that business has established it’s “regulars” overtime, revenue can be very unstable making fixed loan repayments difficult; And the bank knows this!

I recently read an article from USAToday about a successful entrepreneur in the hair beauty salon business. It’s an interesting article that shows how determination and creativity can lead to success in a big way. The business owner mentions the difficulties she had in acquiring financing for her salon. After being turned down for small business loans, she resorted to borrowing money from friends and family. Ultimately she was able to get the necessary financing which enabled her to grow her salon business into a multi million dollar enterprise.

We fund many established beauty and hair salon businesses in their early stages of development. Our funding helps them to maintain their businesses while building their customer base overtime. Our business cash advance program works well for salon’s and many other small businesses that may have trouble with the inflexible repayment options offered by the bank. Our business cash advance program offers financing based on future credit card sales with flexible repayment – meaning we take repayment when your business can afford it. In addition our cash advance is unsecured, available to businesses with bad credit and is available to any business (even high risk borrowers like beauty and hair salon businesses) as long as you process a minimum of $1000/month in credit card sales.

Plus… you won’t have to ask your friends or family ;)

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September 5, 2007

Improve Cash Flow: 8 ways to Getting Receivables Sooner

Our customers come to us when they are in a cash flow crunch.  Many of them are running very successful businesses, only the timing of their payables and Receivables is simply a bit out of sync. 

Here are 8 things you can do to shorten the time between when your customer wants something, and when you get paid.

1)  Accept Credit Cards and/or PayPal (for internet businesses) – When you accept credit cards, you also qualify yourself (after a few months) for great cash flow rescue option like a business cash advance.

2)  Encourage your customers to e-mail or fax orders -  Mail takes more time.  The sooner you receive the order, the sooner you can send out an invoice and get paid.

3)  Send out a clear, organized invoice immediately – Use software, or make your own template, just make sure that you have invoices ready, so that the moment you get an order, you can send out an invoice.  Make sure that the due date and the trade discount/late fee are displayed prominently.

4)  Offer a trade discount – This is a discount (even just 1 or 2%) that you give your customers if they pay you within a certain amount of time.  Often this small incentive will encourage your customers to pay immediately. 

5)  Due Diligence – When taking on a major customer, call their other vendors to find out their payment history/patterns.  You may even want to run a business credit check.

6)  Deposit without delay – Make an arrangement with your bank to have funds available from deposited checks within 0-2 business days.  If you receive checks from customers nationwide, you could research the possible added value of a ‘drop box.’ Discuss this with your bank.

7)  If possible, request payment (in part or full) up front, prior to filling the order.  This also cuts down on time and money spent on collections.

8)  Check back here later in the week to read my post on small business collections.

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September 3, 2007

The Credit Crunch – What Options are Left?

Small businesses across the country are trying to survive the current credit crunch.  The recent changes in the credit market have resulted in much more restricted access to capital.  As any small business owner knows, access to capital is crucial to growing and surviving in business.

Capital was easy to come by for many small business owners, until the recent mortage crash.  When confronted with less-than perfect-credit, which made conventional loans impossible, many small business owners could tap into the equity in their homes .  Thiswas only an option because real estate values were constantly on the rise.

Now that the bubble has burst, property owners in the hard hit areas are finding it difficult to prove the increased value of their homes.  Small business operators with less than impeccable credit are asking themselves where they will find the cash they need to finance their business/business growth.

Many of these small business owners are discovering the benefits of unsecured cash advances for businesses.  Unsecured cash advances are based on on future credit card sales; because of this, they can be provided with NO credit checks.  Fast Up Front (that’s us) can provide these advances in sums up to $250,000.  Other agencies offer the same size, or smaller, advances.  The ease and speed (less than a week!) of the advance make it a top choice for many small business owners.

 For more information on the services we offer to small business, even those with no credit or bad credit, please visit Fast Up Front‘s homepage.

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August 20, 2007

More Than Just Unsecured Business Cash Advances!

Welcome to the official FastUpFront Weblog (blog). Our core service is providing businesses with unsecured cash advances. We provide the necessary financial resources to promote, develop, expand or simply maintain small businesses to medium sized businesses.

Through this Blog (in addition to other areas of our website), you will be able to find current news, information, and business resources online. We intend to cover all areas of business financing, credit, credit card processing, loan options and more.

Feel free to use our feed, comment on posts, or simply suscribe to this blog.

Thanks in Advance,

Online Marketing Team,  FastUpFront

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