Women Working from Home: Now is the Time to Freelance

Mothers looking to work from home have never before had so many options. Credit this to a growing demand for freelance workers. Freelance opportunities for working mothers are at an all time high, and all indications suggest that it will only get higher in the coming years.

Many small and mid-sized businesses across several industries have been seeking ways to cut costs, maximize efficiency, and remain competitive in markets where big businesses have the advantage. One popular tactic has been to outsource some of its functions.

Enter a wide assortment of professional mothers who are seeking flexible jobs that they can do from home. According to the US Census Bureau, over 5.4 million mothers put their careers on hold to stay home with their children.

It seems like a match made in heaven.

It is a win-win situation for the mothers seeking work and the businesses looking for temporary help. Mothers benefit because they are able to earn money, usually by tapping into their own professional skills, experience, and training, and they are still able to be at-home mothers. Businesses benefit from hiring experienced, professional workers.

There are a growing number of freelance websites online, such as the popular Elance and Guru, where employers looking for the completion specific projects and potential hirees meet up. There is even a freelance site dedicated to working mothers.

Freelance jobs can vary exceedingly. Some examples of typical freelance positions include: virtual office assistance, sales, transcription, writing and editing, web and graphic design, and consulting.

Many jobs require that you have a computer with a high speed Internet connection as well as an available phone line.

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