Building Employee Morale in Your Small Business

Building good employee morale is one of the most important keys to running a successful small business, and it starts with the recognition that your workers are one of your biggest assets. Aside from productivity, your employees can be a source of innovation and a positive customer experience that will lead to increased sales. Knowing how to bring the best out of your employees will therefore not only make your business a more enjoyable place to be, but it will also effect your bottom line.

The following are 5 tips to building employee morale in your small business:

  • Communication: There are several aspects to communication with your employees: initiating dialog, encouraging your employees to speak, and then listening to what they have to say. Your workers will appreciate your openness if things need to change, such as the introduction of new equipment or a change their work patterns, and they will further appreciate being able to voice their concerns or offer helpful suggestions that you may not have thought of.
  • Response: But it is not just good enough to hear what your employees are saying, you also need to respond to it. Whether an employee brings a complaint or a cost-saving suggestion, and irregardless of the actual action you end up taking as a result, you should try to get back to your employee about the issue. The more validated and understood your employees feel, the more change they will be able to withstand and the more helpful tips they will be able to offer.
  • Recognition: You will also go a long way with your employees by recognizing their efforts. Just keep in mind, that what ever recognition and reward system you set up, make sure that it is not just focused on the outstanding performers. Some of your employees may never be outstanding, even if they technically do a good job. So make sure to also focus on the average players.
  • Involvement: Getting employees involved in some of the big business decisions, especially the ones that will directly effect them, is another good way to build employee morale. You could for example, set up a small committee among the workers to come up with ways to increase efficiency or sales.
  • Advancement: Make sure you have a set plan for employee advancement. This plan should include steps to increased responsibility, higher paying jobs within the business, and a raise schedule.
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