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Healthcare Reform May End Up Discouraging Hiring

So just how much will the health care bill that President Obama signed on March 2010 affect small businesses? The answer is: quite a lot.   But those affects may not be as economically stimulating as its proponents would have hoped in that it may actually discourage hiring activies among the smallest of businesses in [...]

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Changing the Logo for Your Small Business

Why? Almost all businesses have a logo, whether it was designed by a professional, or simply the company name in a special font and color. Some are just graphic, some just text – others are a combination. The importance of your logo depends on a lot of factors, not the least of which is what [...]

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5 Interview Questions Which Will Get You Sued

Everyone knows that discrimination is illegal, but do you know the breadth of questions which are considered discriminatory in employment law? Small businesses often have a harder time in this area, because there is not always a HR (human resources) specialist on staff. Many traditional employment applications that you might be using have questions which [...]

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