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Internet Marketing IS For Every Business… Even Yours

Have you spent a tremendous amount of time, effort, or money (or all of the above) trying to make Internet marketing work for your small business, but have nothing to show for it? Do you look at the web and scratch your head wondering what all the fuss is about? Do you have an “unsexy” [...]

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Small Business Owners Still Fumbling Online

According to research by SMB Digital Scape, the majority of small business owners are still fumbling when it comes to their online presence, and we’re not just talking about maintaining social media accounts. Many small business websites are missing the basics. It seems that though many businesses have an online presence, they still aren’t investing [...]

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10 Top Trends for Small Businesses in 2012

Now that 2011 has passed (and what a wild and crazy year it was!) and 2012 is well under way, it’s time to look at some trends that will shape the upcoming year for small business owners. Taken as a whole, in 2012 you can expect to see a lot of maturing and fine tuning [...]

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