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How to Fund Emergency Business Expenses

How can you get quick capital to help cover any unexpected emergencies or significant cash shortfalls in your business? Even if you have few assets, you may still have options as long as you put in little forethought before something happens. Running a Business is Full of Bumps One of the givens of running a [...]

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Three Tips to Securing a Biz Line of Credit that You May Not Know

Amid cautious consumer spending and an overall economic and legislative uncertainty, having a reliable source of credit and short-term financing is a necessity for small business owners. One of the more popular credit options among small businesses has been a bank sponsored business line of credit. But these days, many current small business account holders [...]

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5 Tips for Preserving Your Business Line of Credit
Credit Card

Many small businesses rely on a bank-approved business line of credit as a convenient source of short-term financing. But preserving this credit-line is not always so easy. Most banks make a commitment for one year. At the close of the year the business’ financial statements, tax returns, and credit rating are reviewed. If the bank [...]

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