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How to Protect Yourself from Cuts to Your Business Credit Card Limit

Over the past couple of years, the credit card industry seems bent on shaking up the credit markets so that it comes out in their favor. For small business owners with business credit cards, there has been virtual tidal wave of often unexpected changes- from cut credit lines to closed accounts- that seems to blindly [...]

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How Your Credit Profile Affects Your Business

We all know that good credit is highly sought after. And should we forget, those catchy little jingles are there to remind us, prodding with “free,” instant online credit reports. But once you find out what your score is, you may still be left wondering what exactly it’s good for, and more specifically, what does [...]

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How to Build Your Business Credit Rating
Cheerful Credit?

Having a good business credit rating is a golden key that can help open the doors of financing- whether from the bank, vendors and suppliers, or potential investors. And with the current economic environment making it harder for small businesses to get the financing they need, this key is all the more vital to the [...]

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